Landscape Architecture for Residents in the Cowichan Region

In the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD), residents are required to obtain development permits before undertaking any construction on commercial or residential properties. The regional government has mandated that developments should maintain visual continuity with the agricultural and rural landscape as well as ensure that surface and groundwater is protected.

This means sites must have low impact design to protect natural streams, wetlands, riparian areas, marine riparian areas, natural drainage features, native vegetation, nest trees, steep slopes, and archaeological and heritage resources. It also mandates that a landscape plan be prepared by a member of the BC Society of Landscape Architects (BCSCLA).

My role as a landscape architect is to ensure your landscape plan is created in accordance with the regulations stipulated by the CVRD, which includes stipulations for:

  • Building Design and Materials

  • Landscaping

  • Site Design and Layout

  • Parking, Lighting, Signage, etc.

For commercial projects, I would generally work with a team of professionals to design the landscape plan within multi-family, commercial and industrial projects.

For residential projects, I work with the property owner to help them navigate the process of working with the CVRD and creating a landscape design plan to serve their needs as well as meet legal requirements. I also coordinate with other professionals, as required, to create the plans necessary for permits as well as manage the project through to completion. Generally, the earlier in the process a landscape architect is involved, the more efficient the overall project planning, budget and execution will be.

If you’re confused where to begin, reach out to me to discuss your project.

Bonnie Leverette